Corporate Partnerships

Mira USA values your company’s interest, support, and endorsement.  We take great pride in our work and we believe strongly in the power of partnerships. Mira USA presents a unique opportunity to invest in this underserved population of intelligent, young blind children and make a major contribution to their world and ours.

Mira gives special thanks to our Corporate Sponsors and our Supporting Foundations. The following corporations have provided significant and on-going support to enable Mira USA to carry out our work.  We extend our sincere appreciation for their financial assistance.

Our Corporate Visionary Partners
  • Carolina Eye Associates, P.A.
    The professionals at Carolina Eye have led the way with their significant, ongoing support of Mira’s work. We are honored to partner with such a fine group of dedicated professionals. In July 2010, our first student to receive a Mira guide dog did so thanks to the generosity of Carolina Eye, and in July 2011, Mira named two dogs – Gale and Martin – in honor of the Carolina Eye founder, Dr. Robert Gale Martin.
  • Wells Fargo Bank
    Wells Fargo has provided significant financial support to Mira since 2010. We are truly grateful for their vision and loyalty and their continued support.
Our Corporate Partners
Our Supporting Foundations
  • The George E. Dickinson Memorial Charitable Remainder Trust
  • The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
  • North Carolina Community Foundation:  John W. Roffe and Marjorie A. Roffe Endowment for Moore County
  • The Goldman Family Foundation
  • The Evelyn B. Kaufman Foundation
  • The Clare Rose Foundation
  • The Walmart Foundation
  • The Glmicher Foundation
  • The Bill Sugra Memorial Foundation
  • The Kahn Foundation
  • Sandhills Rotary and Rotary International
  • Lions Club Foundation District 34
Our Corporate Sponsors
  • Outback Restaurant, Southern Pines, NC
  • Whispering Pines Veterinary Hospital, Whispering Pines, NC
  • Trisure  Raleigh NC
  • Leith Chrysler
  • Pinehurst Medical
  • O’Connor Construction
  • Aberdeen Exterminating Aberdeen, NC
  • K2Solutions

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