Volunteers have been the heart of Mira since our beginning.

These wonderful people help us in many ways. Some of our volunteers help us coordinate individual events and others help us in the office with various types of tasks. We hope that you will join us to help make our work a success!

Here are some ways our volunteers help:

Assist at Events
  • “Dining in The Dark”
  • Sandhills has Talent
  • “Live After Five”
  • Wine Tastings
  • Miles for Mira Races
  • Fishing Events
  • Harness Races
  • Parades
  • Concerts
Organize an Event
  • Small house parties to spread the word about Mira and raise awareness and money
  • Other fund raisers… call us, we have many ideas!
Work on Publicity
  • Distribute flyers and posters
  • Solicit sponsors and donors
  • Help at presentation and at community functions
  • Help in our office addressing envelopes, writing thank you notes, organizing our Publicity Files, sending out letters, or looking up information for us for our data bases.
If you would like to volunteer, fill out the simple form below, be sure to let us know any specific areas of expertise or interest you may have.

Do come and Join Us!